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legal age of consent in singapore Legal Age of Consent in Singapore
indemnification legal definition Indemnification Legal Definition
legal age for a bank account Legal Age for a Bank Account
law phd proposal example Law PhD Proposal Example
law law firm Law Law Firm
terms and conditions for labour contract Terms and Conditions for Labour Contract
car hire agreement pdf Car Hire Agreement PDF
contract mental health therapist jobs Contract Mental Health Therapist Jobs
age laws for dating in texas Age Laws for Dating in Texas
all moral rights are legal rights All Moral Rights Are Legal Rights

Yo, listen up, I got some legal raps for ya
From the legal age of consent in Singapore to indemnification, I bring it to ya
Legal age of consent in Singapore is eighteen, it’s a fact
Don’t mess around or you might face legal impact
Indemnification legal definition, don’t let it go over your head
When it comes to legal terms, it’s important to be well-read
Legal age for a bank account, let’s talk about that
Teach your kids about money, that’s where it’s at
When it comes to law, you might want to do a law PhD proposal example
Study hard, that’s how you’ll get ample
Law law firm, for legal counsel’s representation
When you need legal advice, make sure it’s a good association
Terms and conditions for labour contract, know your rights
When you’re entering a contract, don’t get into fights
Car hire agreement PDF, for renting cars
Make sure you read it, don’t let it go afar
Contract mental health therapist jobs, find opportunities now
Helping others, that’s what it’s all about
Age laws for dating in Texas, follow the rules
Love can be complicated, don’t be fools
All moral rights are legal rights, it’s a fine line
When it comes to law and morality, it’s important to intertwine
That’s it for my legal raps, hope you had a blast
Stay legal, stay safe, have a legal blast!

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