Rapping About Legal Agreements and Rules

OSHA requirements got me feeling wary,
For gas cylinder storage, gotta be careful, don’t be lazy.
Drivers over 21 think they’re fine,
But legally intoxicated is the line.
Licensing agreements and royalties, what’s the deal,
Gotta know the terms, gotta keep it real.
Note of agreement, gotta read the fine print,
Legal terms and requirements, don’t be a squid.
Parting ways with a business partner, it ain’t easy,
Legal advice and best practices, don’t get sleazy.
Breaks are required by law in Texas, hear me shout,
Gotta take your breaks, don’t burn out.
Russia and China sign an agreement, that’s big news,
Latest updates and analysis, gotta choose.
Brown’s boundary control and legal principles, you gotta learn,
PDF’s got the info, gotta discern.
Golf drop rules, don’t mess it up,
Legal regulations, gotta fill your cup.
Subject-verb agreement rules, gotta get it right,
Examples and tips, gotta keep it tight.

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